I draw robots, but create for humans! Passionate about explore new ways of communicating concepts in various aspects of design. I am creative problem solver who’s driven to create products and experiences that people love. I started my journey as an illustrator that imbued interests of storytelling and experimentation with digital multi-media. UX/UI designer for Ardan Labs.


Human Center Design: Know and understand users. Apply design thinking to empathize with users to successful implement an idea prioritize features. Prototype and test design.


Create visual narratives through characters, environments and storyboards. Feel free to explore my sci-fi & fantasy art geeky side portrayed in my illustration page!

Graphic Design

Collaborated in campaigns. Experienced in business brand identity, from logos to advertisement.


It all began with a pencil at hand to express. Sketch ideas. Love drawing out the user journey! Experiment with various of tools and techniques to execute the final product. First of all, process begins from paper & whiteboard!