III Points

About Project

Deliver a cohesive message and experience. Design a ready to build website for III points. At the same time, communication strategy may vary from edition to edition, in pursuit of innovation and that wow factor.

Live Project
March 2020


Music is incorporated into our daily lives. Either at the gym, driving, events, parties, and even when drawing. Music fans love their festivals! After high school, reminiscent gone to concerts, vans warp tours, and ultra to have fun with my social circle.

III Points is a festival that blends visual art, film, food, and style in Miami's vibrant Wynwood Arts District once a year. In addition to an international and wildly acclaimed lineup, respected curators will present stages of local, rising, and experimental music—visual arts lineup taking over the 100,000 square foot Mana Wynwood. Coming up May 1–2, 2020, unfortunately, it got cancel due to the coronavirus.


In 2014, Eventbrite conducted a study about music festival it concluded that 25% of students go to a music festival during college, and 50% of the buzz was built up before the fests even began. 25% came from fans watching the music from home via live streaming sites like YouTube.

Competitors are Rolling Loud and Ultra. The majority prioritize their app for information rather than their micro-site. However, the majority purchase their festival/concert tickets on a desktop than a phone. Oh, the irony!

All advertise their line ups through a flat jpeg file (aka a traditional web flyer). The most interactive tool is used by leaving their page and going to a 3rd party site such as Spotify, sound-cloud and apple music if you can find a link on the webpage. Difficulties were discovering it. None streamed live videos that Coachella did once through youtube, and it was very successful!

‍50 % -Motivations: Listen to some favorite artists and discovering some new ones, while having fun

25 % -Felt if heard the music that will be performing is very important before purchasing an event ticket.

75% -Enjoy to share and connect their experiences


Interviewed five people sharing some of their insights:

  • "My first time at Coachella, I wasn't familiar with every performer. So I just went with the mainstream when scheduling my lineup. Sometimes I can easily remember the song instead of recognizing who plays it!" -Chris
  • "… I had a great time, but navigating the different stage areas was an obstacle at first, but after walking around aimlessly until I got familiar, things went very well. We loved the show!" -Stanley

After, ask if they recognize any great performances that were not mainstream. Of course, yes, but 5 out of 5 can't recall the performer's name or have not followed right after the event.

Jobs To Be Done:

When a customer is on the homepage, they would like to more connection to the music that will be performing. Deciding to link to a playlist gives them more familiarity with the music, especially before purchasing a ticket!

Moscow Method

Some many areas to target from interviews and surveys. Some people's pain points were waiting, bathrooms, and parking as well. However, III Points clearly outlines that they don't handle parking. The festival provides an experience of music, tech, art, and Wynwood 305 culture. Therefore, my main feature to help local upcoming 

User Flows

  1. Pre-Event- Starting to homepage looking at the music performing before purchase ticket. Exploration can always inspire a purchase. New music, scene, and good vibes, so why not? It feels good and creates the experience. Natural behavior to look at the line before deciding to go! Just a matter of how much investment will the user contribute to investigating. 

2. During Event- Motivation is to get information while there. Possible haven't download map, lineup, or app. That should be easily accessible to help be informed while there.

3.Post Event- Opportunity to purchase memorabilia of seeing their favorite band or just the memories mad. From the homepage to buy merchandise. Shopping flow adds to cart, proceed, add info, and confirm.

Visual Inspiration:

The inspiration for the music player aesthetics came to a 2016 flyer ad. Visual elements should be consistent to the brand identity. If not, maybe the concept will feel out of place when observing a few music fans listening to the playlist. The would just stay on Spotify and perhaps not return.



First, change was made in the hierarchy. Also, I moved the links to the playlist and Spotify below. Prioritize the purchase ticket button. Secondly, made map & line up accessible to download if there's an instance if the user doesn't download the app or internet issues exist during the event.  Also, the gallery wasn't essential during the event in this state to those who purchased tickets.


Usually, I would have more details in my mid-fi and have more accurate responses. Users had difficulty understanding screens 4 & 5, so now translating that into high-fidelity would be a better alternative. I am creating an unfamiliar visual element that may be difficult to comprehend. Rule of thumb provides more details for better test results—worth the investment.

Mood Board

When testing the mood board, 100% agree it was Euphoric, Psychedelic, and 60% referred to as night/dark that emphasize "adult."

The Design System & Tile that conveys the overall aesthetics of color, typography (font: Raleway), icons, image patterns, and paragraphs.

An interactive playlist that can save the lineup to help with scheduling meanwhile listening. Also, artist info will be provided so that connect fans to artists while maintaining the festival's brand attributes.

Links are available to their sound cloud, sites, and social media. However, it's function will open you to a new page while the player will still be active. Sales can increase without the third party and maintain in the website!

High Fidelity

Moible Screens

Next Step

Interactive Music Player Screeens

Develop a music player that's cohesive to the brand and collaborates with the user flow. Assist to be familiar to music performances, add to schedule and see artist profiles.


Task to start from homepage to interactive player was a success. About 85% clicked on the music player before purchase tickets. The next step is to incorporate an accessible ticket feature with an app.

Key-Learning & Take Aways:

Understanding that users are attracted is to the music festival culture. 3 Points are more than headline performances, but also connecting to the local scene as well.  Most people do not want to spend too much time googling unfamiliar artists. Therefore, the goal was to make the process simple!